Deciding to rent your home is a big decision. We, at DomusAway, work hard to ensure you are comfortable with that.

DomusAway is a full-service property management agency with a full range of services that can help you find your dream home, get it ready for renting, maximize your rental income, and manage all ongoing maintenance associated.

Our property management business is comprehensive offering several services, that include:
  • Pre-season checks and post season closing of home
  • Home staging and photo shoots to ensure your home looks the best for online rental
  • Dynamic pricing to ensure you are getting the best price for your home
  • ZFull-service management of your home including guest communications, cleaning and maintenance
  • Yearly review of your home’s performance and helpful suggested to improve performance next year

We work hard to take care of all the bureaucracy involved with owning and managing a home in Italy while providing you with complete transparency of all services undertaken so you feel comfortable with the way your house is managed.

Frequently Asked Questions
I have always rented directly. Why should I turn to you?

Because what for you is a mere hobby (with all the unforeseen contingencies) is our bread and butter. You will save time, get rid of all your worries and maximize your income from leasing.

Can I entrust it to others as well?

If you sign with us, we will be “business partners.” You do not simply represent a client to us, which is why you have chosen to entrust solely to us the keys to your home. To a team of experts who with transparency, efficiency and professionalism will do their best to repay your trust.

Okay, but will I be able to dispose of it during the year?

You entrusted us with the keys, but you always decide. If you have signed with us, it is because you want to put the income from the property, but you can still ask us for any periods of enjoyment, based on the reservations received (which you yourself can check on the portal).

A vacant house is not a good thing for either of us, but if you want to come in the off-season and there are no bookings, we are only happy for you to enjoy a little vacation in your own home!

In case of any damages what happens?
The income aspect goes hand in hand with the safety aspect for us. We will be the first to guard your property carefully, ascertain any damage objectively attributable to the conduct of clients, and undertake to charge as much as necessary and/or assist you with any disputes. If you want even more peace of mind, we recommend that you take out a liability insurance policy.
If a guest has a problem who do they turn to?
Our Customer Service Department will be at their complete disposal during their stay.
How much do I get from each reservation?
We are your 20 percent partners, so you will be entitled to as much as 80 percent of each taxable reservation, minus any OTAs commissions. In fact, your percentage is to be calculated gross of charges for cleaning, linen, check-in, check-out, etc., which will be borne solely by us.
You will have to continue to bear the expenses you already fulfill (IMU, TARI, Utilities, condo fees, etc.).
Payment arrangements? Is there a credit risk?
Your dues will be paid by Carta Consulting Srl by bank transfer to the Owner’s account at the end of each quarter.
Guest payments are in advance, so the credit risk is canceled.
What is the expiration date of the contract?
The contract expires on 12/31 of each year after signing, with tacit renewal for an additional 12 months. Possibility of termination with 2 months’ notice without penalty.
During the contract, can I sell the house?
Certainly. If you have not signed a sales mandate, we will be happy to introduce you to our partner Maior Capital, Sardinia’s leading real estate company.
It is estimated that more than 50 percent of vacation home sales occur during the summer period.
Integrating with them will allow us to maximize the income from short rentals during the sales process. And as your professional partners, it will be easier to demonstrate to the potential buyer the guaranteed return on investment.

Existing owners, please click here to access your Owner’s Portal.