Terms and Conditions

Carta Consulting Srl (trading as ‘the Company’) advertises villas, houses and apartments (‘properties’) as an advisor for and on behalf of the Owners of the property (‘Owner’). All properties have been personally inspected by the Company to ensure that they meet the standards of accommodation on which the Company’s reputation is based. At the time of publishing, the properties are furnished and equipped as described in the detailed and technical descriptions provided to renters and guests (‘Clients’) on the Company’s web site or on the partner websites. From time to time the Owners of properties may change the layout, furniture or fittings and the Company will seek to update these on the website at the earliest opportunity and notify renters if the changes to the property change the nature of the accommodation. Differences between the description and photos on the website and those actually found at the property do not constitute a basis for cancellation, refunds or other claims against the Company.
The Company will not be liable to Clients in the event of changes made to a property by the Owner and not notified to it, however, the Company will intervene on the renters behalf in the event the quality of the property is diminished as a result of such changes. Prices published on the Company’s website are indicative and subject to variation without notice prior to the confirmation of a booking. A quote will be provided at the time of inquiry and the confirmation of the booking will occur when the deposit has been paid and the confirmation of booking form is issued. Some costs and deposits are additional to the rental price and are payable locally. Examples of such costs are the security deposit, final cleaning expenses, bed linen and towels rental, internet costs, and supplements for additional services.

The booking is not confirmed until you don’t receive a confirmation from the Company. A deposit of 20% of the rental price is payable on booking and confirmation will not be affected until the entire deposit has been received. The Company will not enter into correspondence in the event that the deposit is not received within the hold (option) period and the property is allocated to another Client; however, the Company will do its utmost to find a replacement property acceptable to the Client. The balance of rental must be paid 20 days prior to the beginning of the rental period. Non-payment of the balance by the due date will constitute a basis for cancellation and the property will be re-offered and cancellation conditions applied. Payments by credit card are subject to a 2% commission for European card, and a 3% for not European card. Alternatively, payments can be made, without surcharge per bank transfer into the Company’s euro account.

Cancellation is affected by the Client when written notification is acknowledged to have been received by Carta Consulting Srl, or, in the event of non-payment of balances, seven days after the Company has made reasonable attempts to contact the Client by email advising that the payment is overdue. Should the Client for whatever reason cancel the booking, they will have the right to reimbursement of all money paid subject to the deduction of cancellation charges. Cancellation charges are based on the total rental price and are calculated from the date of the beginning of the rental period as follows:

For every property:
60 days or more: no fee will be charged;
59 – 45 days 20% will be charged;
44 – 30 days 30 % will be charged;
29 days or less 50% will be charged.

Changes to booking dates or properties, no show on arrival constitutes a cancellation of the booking and cancellation terms will be applied. In good faith, the Company will attempt to facilitate substitution requests, mitigating the cancellation terms, however the substitution will not be effected until the Company has provided details of the substitution in writing, the Client has accepted the terms of the substitution and any cancellation, service or upgrade fees have been paid.

If as a result of a serious breakdown or failure in the rented property, Carta Consulting Srl or the Owners decide that it is not possible to continue with the booking, the Company will do its utmost to find a replacement property acceptable to the Client, or refund any money paid on unused rental. The Client acknowledges that in this event, the Company’s liability for damages will be limited to the amount of unused rental, based on a pro rata calculation of unused rental days. Should a property become unserviceable prior to the arrival of a Client, the Company will do its best to find a suitable replacement property of an equal standard. If a property with a lower price is selected, a refund of the difference in rental will be made. In the event of a more expensive property being selected, Clients will have the choice of paying the difference or receiving a full refund of money paid.

Following the payment, Clients will get arrival instructions for the property. In the weeks leading up to the arrival, the Company will request details of the expected arrival time, method of transport, the configuration of the property, names of all guests (to comply with Italian Law) and any additional requirements. The Client acknowledges that the following circumstances provide the Owner or the Company with a basis for the immediate termination of the rental agreement without recourse by the Client and forfeiting all money paid to the Company: • Exceeding the maximum number of guests as noted on the voucher; • Non authorised substitution of guests – the names and passport details of all guests must be provided to the property representative (to comply with Italian Law) • Conduct unbecoming at the property (including wanton destruction of property, poor hygiene, excessive noise etc) • Parties, weddings, celebrations unauthorized or involving non-guests • Introducing domestic animals (unless allowed in the property notes and advised to the Company) The Client acknowledges that there will be no redress against the Company or the Owner in the event that these events cause premature termination of the rental.

The check-in is from 16:00 p.m whereas the check-out ends at 10:00 a.m.

The security deposit will be taken with pre-authorisation on your credit card. The amount will be blocked for 5 days after check-out. After the check-out a member of the company will do an accurate control to check the good conditions of the property. If abnormalities will be encountered during this check, the agency will contact the guest within 48hours. In case of any damages to the property, the partial or entire amount of the security deposit will be charged.

It is a condition of rental that the property must be left in order at the end of the rental period. This implies that the dishes and kitchen are washed, rubbish is removed from the property and the rooms are left in an orderly condition. Where properties are not left in an orderly condition, the Company is entitled to deduct a necessary amount from the security deposit to meet the additional costs of cleaning. Clients are not authorised to rearrange the furniture of the property and crockery and other equipment of the house (chairs, blankets, etc.) must not be used or transported out of the house. Candles and oil burners are not permitted inside the house and must be used with great care on paved terraces. After delivery, repairs of breakdowns caused by the Clients and those of ordinary maintenance (plugging of toilets and basins, damages to equipment and furniture and to the property, stains on mattresses and bed covers, broken crockery) will be charged to the Clients and the amounts will be deducted directly from the security deposit. In uncertain circumstances the person in charge will keep the whole of the security deposit and will return any balance together with receipts for the expenses met for repairs carried out after the departure of the Client.

A mandatory final cleaning fee is payable locally, on arrival. Garden and pool maintenance are included in property rental. The Client acknowledges that the Owners or their personnel have the right to periodically enter the property during the rental period in order to carry out their duties. These services are mandatory and the property representative will advise the times and frequency of such services on arrival.

Any problems with the property encountered during the property rental period should be reported immediately to the Company representative. The Owner and the Company will endeavour to address the problems and resolve them to the satisfaction of the Client as soon as possible. In the event that the Owner or the Company is unable to resolve the problem to the satisfaction of the Client, a complaint must be lodged immediately in writing to us. Reasonable time must be allowed for the Owner or the Company to resolve the problem. Clients must not vacate the property under any circumstances without the express written agreement of Carta Consulting Srl as to do so will annul the rights to claim for compensation. Where a Client believes they have a claim for compensation, the period of compensation will commence from the time the complaint is received to the end of the rental period. Requests for compensation must be lodged with the Company in writing (info@domusaway.com) within 12 hours of completion of the rental period. Complaints presented after the expiry of the rental period will not be taken into consideration. Clients acknowledge that the amount of compensation payable by the Owner and the Company for whatsoever reason is limited to a prorate calculation of the property rental paid and the period of compensation. The following do not give rise to claims for compensation: • Force Majeure, terrorist acts or natural disasters • Shortages of power, gas or water outside of the property owners’ control • Damage from wind, rain, hail, flood, fire, lightning, landslide or other acts of God • Inundation by pests, insects, rodents etc • Claims arising as a result of damage caused by Clients to the property • Differences in the descriptions and photographs of the property shown in promotional material (unless significantly altering the nature of the accommodation) • Damage or loss of the Clients’ belongings or property • Actions limited by Italian Law • Civil works or construction projects nearby the rented property that are not under the control of the Owner or the Company

Clients acknowledge that many of the properties have inherent dangers including unfenced swimming pools, dry stone walls, un-gated access to roads, staircases, unfenced drops etc. Clients acknowledge that they are responsible for taking all necessary safety precautions for themselves and their guests and neither Carta Consulting Srl nor the Owners accept any liability for accidents causing death, sickness or bodily harm howsoever caused. The Company and Owners deny any liability or claims in the event of incidents occurring whilst occupants or guests are under the influence of alcohol or any non – therapeutic drugs. The limitation of liability for any claim against the Company and the Owners of property for whatsoever cause is limited to the total amount of rental paid to the Company by the Client.

Clients acknowledge that by acknowledging these terms and conditions in the Company’s inquiry form or booking request that they agree to be bound by the provisions contained herein and to accept liability for damages caused by them or their parties to Owners’ properties. The rental agreement shall be governed by Italian law in every particular including formation and interpretation. Any proceedings arising out of or in connection with this contract may be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction in Italy.